I was in Stockholm three days ago. Just for a short visit, a week, yet I had thoughts about re-booking my flight ticket so I could stay another week. I miss it so much. But my uni work is too much, so I decided to fly back to London three days ago. My plan was to go to meet up with three friends from Stockholm tomorrow. But we decided to meet today. Today, the 7th of April 2017.

Of all the days, weeks, and months I’ve been here in England, I’ve barely hung out with any Swedes. Only a few handfuls who came to visit. Today was one of those days. It was a sunny day, almost twenty degrees. My friends and I went into M&S at 2pm UK time to cool down and get some water and fruit. We had just paid, it was 2:13pm and we get the news that just mere minutes ago, a lorry drove 650m down a pedestrian only shopping street in Stockholm. Drottninggatan. I guess it’s our version of Oxford Street.

The mood dropped. We sat down for 30, maybe 45 minutes to get in touch with our friends and family. We’re all from central Stockholm. Our whole lives used to be there.

Most of my friends and family replied quickly to my messages. But some took a while because they’d been there, on that very street when it happened.

Of all the days, it was a day when I spent it with people from Stockholm. We felt similar things. And it was comforting.

From what I’ve heard so far, all my friends and family are okay. But there might be friends of my friends, or their friends, who aren’t coming home tonight. My thoughts are with you.

It really hurts, being away.