Moleskine Weekly Planner

School and university has just started back home in Sweden and it’s just around the corner here for us in the UK. Flora asked me the other day if I knew any good planners that weren’t too expensive but also not the cheap kind with the metal spiral spine. I replied quickly with a link and said, “look no further”.

I’ve used the Moleskine Weekly Planner since January 2014 and I could not see myself using another one. It’s compact (a bit slimmer than the regular A5 paper), comes in different colours, sizes (pocket, the one I have and a larger that’s close to an A4) and you can choose between hard and soft cover. At the back, as with all traditional Moleskines, there’s a little pocket where you can put important notes such as receipts, post stamps, a small photograph of someone you like, you name it.

My one is the traditional black with a soft cover. What’s great about the Moleskine Weekly Planner is that I have the days on the left side, including an empty bit at the top which I usually use when it’s something that I have all week (like that I’m in Stockholm that week), and just normal ruled lines on the right side. It’s great because I usually don’t need to write a lot on each specific day, but rather lists and reminders that cover the whole week. Sometimes it’s not enough though but I just put some extra post-it notes on that page if I’ve run out of space.

The Moleskine Weekly Planner can be bought both with 12 months, running January to December (the ones I have) but also with 18 months, running from July one year to December the next, which makes it perfect for when you go back to school, university of work. They also do monthly planners and daily, and I might give the daily one a try for 2018 as hopefully with whatever I’m doing after graduation, it will cover a full page for each day.

So hot tip for everyone – the only planner you’ll ever need!


Pia x

Weekday shirt

I’m at that point in life where I refuse to check my bank account as I know it will only make me stressed and sad. I’m basically doing stuff that’s either extremely cheap or free, which means eating the occasional ice cream and reading on the balcony. As I’m pretty much the only one of my friends who don’t have a job or a holiday planned, I’ve so far read 2,5 books and neglecting all my uni work. I’ve also been sorting out paperwork to get my last name changed (finally!) as I’d rather have my maternal grandmother’s last name than the one I have now for several reasons, but the main one being that my current one, Svensson, is just simply too fucking common. So hopefully that will be sorted out and approved in some 6 maybe weeks.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this shirt at Weekday, but it was 500SEK at that point. Lucky for me it was on sale yesterday for only 150SEK and I got the last one, hence why it’s massive as it’s a large. But it’s so comfortable and I feel like a person who eats healthy and laughs in every photo that’s taken of me. (which doesn’t happen though)

On a little funny note; during the spring term, I took an online course from Umeå University in democracy, human rights and sustainability. I had one final essay to hand in about a month ago, but due to other uni work I decided to prioritise, my birthday and moving house/going back to Sweden, I didn’t hand it in until a few days ago. (26 days late – do not recommend) Lucky for me, the professor agreed to read it and mark it as the essay was the final one and I had to pass it to pass the course. Earlier today I got an email from the professor saying that, whilst I did pass with distinction, my essay had “inappropriate use of informal language”. As I was stressed and wanted to hand it in asap, I didn’t proofread it properly, so in the essay it said:

“…The four countries alone are responsible for over 50% of total GHG emissions in 2012 – fucking important that they sort themselves out

I had forgotten to take out my own notes in the actual essay. Hopefully, he had a little laugh about it.

(also, I have about 90 photos from my disposable cameras from the past three months, so I’ll show you guys those later!)

Pia x



It’s been a bit quiet here lately. Since the last proper post, I’ve been to Barcelona, had my 21st birthday with bbq celebrations, Summer Ball, a bit of uni work, and of course, gone back to Stockholm. As usual when I go back, I pretend that I’m rich and go off and buy things in shops that I can’t find back in England, like these sunglasses from Designtorget Stockholm and a bra from Monki. (can be found in London but I feel it has less stuff though, and no student discount)

I’ve been seeing some friends, going to two graduation parties, but I’ve actually spent most of the last week indoors. I’ve had this little hole in my heel that’s been a previous blister, and it’s been trying to heal and I can’t wear plasters or socks as it kinda rips open and that kinda sucks. So I’ve been reading and finished one book so far (The Girls by Emma Cline) and halfway through another.

I did a short 2 day runner job last week for Astrid S’ new music video which, even though I was sweating as fuck as it was 27 degrees outside and I ran errands, was really fun and a good experience. I have a similar job for my internship in August but I’m hoping it’s gona be a bit cooler and I won’t have a heel that hurts every time I walk. I’ve been lucky to get an internship in Soho, so I’ll be going back to England in the beginning of August to move into my new house with my new housemates (!!!) and hopefully some better weather than the one here in Stockholm. (rain, 12-18 degrees, no joke) Until then, I have a dissertation to research for and Swedish food and people to enjoy.

Pia x


Honestly, I feel like I can do anything with this top.  & today I’ve so far sent 6 emails to 9 different people, had a script tutorial about my film I’m shooting next week, filled in forms, and had a cup of tea with two egg, spinach and spring onion toasts – in three hours! (on the topic of food; I’d like to take this opportunity to push for the lunch I had yesterday; fried potatoes with breadcrumbs, spinach with butter, a fried egg, spring onions and sesame seeds – cheap, healthy and so good)

I’m in a bit of busy period at the moment, with four film shoots over the next 2 weeks, two essays, a presentation, several 500-1000 words hand-ins in my Economic History course and Democracy course (aka a lot of reading and self-studying), and then I have a practical editing exam just before the Easter holidays. I’m almost half way through spring term and it’s scary how quickly everything goes. (my suitcase is still in my room rather than in the garage) But I’m really excited about the upcoming weeks, even if it’s stressful. Oh and also, I got onto the university’s placement scheme so I’ll most likely get a short internship this summer!

It’s been starting to get cold again. Last week we had fair bit of sun and 12 degrees, but just half an hour ago, I saw it was snowing lightly. Not enough to stay on the ground, but still. Sitting in my cold house, freezing my fingers off as I type this, it’s hard to imagine summer and proper warmth. Hopefully Berlin in the end of April will be warm.


Pia x

My room

For once in a while, my room is tidy and sorted out, so I thought I’d share some photos of my room. I had the incredible luck to get the room with the largest windows (mainly because I’m the only one who doesn’t mind neighbours and other passerby’s to see literally everything), and after moving the horrible and tiny desk as well as the unsteady wardrobe and the folding chair to the garage and instead bought my own future, I really love my room here.


#aesthetic – I do feel clothes should be on display because they’re so much a part of oneself. It’s a bit hard to see on the picture, but I have fairy lights on the rail which makes my room 120% more cosy in the evenings. Also notice the lack of mirror/frame on the wall, so I hung a bag I got from Arlanda Airport because it was pretty.


We’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls as the landlord don’t like marks etc, so a few of my photos are just lying on the desk at the moment. Also, stress balls are life, get one or two.




Sometimes I feel like a shit film student as I currently only have one book about films (if you don’t count the Harry Potter: Page to Screen and Jess’ copy of Harry Potter: Film Wizardry that’s currently residing in my Harry Potter corner)(behind the blue fat book is also the Spanish version of the first one, La Piedra Filosofal), but to be honest, most of them don’t interest me. I’d rather read fiction (got my favourite books shipped in boxes from Sweden) or, as seen in the top photo; A Very Short Introductions. I highly recommend them as they give you a good general knowledge about basically everything. I’ve only read the one about international relations so far and started with human rights, but I find it hard to find time for reading that’s not related to my degree.



Look at those windows! Light! But also awkward eye contact with every postman that arrives at my door. (fun fact: my 150x75cm desk is attached to its legs with duct tape) I’ve been planning to get some plants/flowers for my windowsill, but I’m incredibly bad at keeping things alive, so I’m not sure yet.

As I said before, we’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls, which is a shame, because I feel that the corner where my bed is, is incredibly bare. There’s a screw on the wall, but I don’t have anything to hang there except for my Ravenclaw tie and plastic camera.  Also, more fairy lights hang between the screw and the curtain rail as well as around the shit mirror by my bed.

I’ve lived here for about 3,5 months and whilst there are another 8 months before we move out, I really, really love this room. I’d love to live here in my third year, but it’s quite expensive for the area. In some ways, I love this room (except the horrendous yellow walls) more than my room back in the Founders castle, as I’ve added more of my own touch to it. However, I do miss having a grand courtyard as my view from even larger windows, and also heating and unlimited hot water that I didn’t pay any extra for. (honestly, that’s so underappreciated – appreciate it before all of your money goes to bills)


Pia x


I currently have two tattoos, one Deathly Hallows symbol on my left inner arm, and a design of my own, a balloon.

tat copy

I did the first one just little over a month after I’d turned 18. I was alone in London and I just went for it. I’d known for a long time that I wanted to get a Harry Potter-tattoo and the thin lines of the Deathly Hallows symbol was the perfect fit.

What I love about it is that it’s quite subtle, most times you can’t see it, even if I’m wearing a sleeveless top, because it’s on the inside of my arm. Something I didn’t realise until after, is also the fact that the tattoo is close to my heart, and Harry is always going to be a great part of me, until the very end.

tat2-1 copy

(look at that unhealthy hair)

When I was 16, I had a very close friend, who once quoted Winnie the Pooh for me;

“Nobody can be uncheered by a balloon”.

And even though we aren’t friends anymore, because that’s how life just is, the quote stuck with me. Around the time I was 17/18, I had a quite bad phase, a phase that still makes a visit, even though I am a lot better now, many thanks to moving to England and starting university and meeting new people. The idea of having a balloon with me at all times, and hence, knowing that there’s always something to smile about, felt like a quite nice thing. I got this one in April 2016, when I went to Stockholm for a quick visit during the Easter break.


(from my pinterest board)

People say that once you’ve gotten yourself inked, you’re get hooked to it, which is 110% true. I’d love to have more, in the same black thin lines style, I’m incredibly in love with Frida Vega’s tattoos. Always art, of course, but I also want them to have some sort of meaning to me. And I think I’d like to design them myself, as I did with the balloon.


Pia x