A Day at the Beach

After weeks of planning, we finally went to the beach on Saturday to shoot the short film I wrote for my directing class. It was an incredibly sunny and warm mid-February day (which for filmmaking isn’t that great, but we did our best to work around it) and we had rented a 9 seat minibus for our cast and crew.

We went down to Seaford, a small town near Brighton.

Sitting on the bus, we all let out a shriek when we saw the sea.

Hollie, Molly and I decided to go and test the water – it was probably freezing cold but my feet died from the pebbles so I wouldn’t have noticed.

My little cast & crew.

I still can’t believe that we pulled it off. As my teacher read my script, he asked if I was actually planning to go to the beach and laughed a bit when I said I’d try, and then we actually did it. The best part of it was the feeling of going on a short day trip/holiday but at the same time, making a film. & I’m starting to understand how filmmaking is essentially like getting a very large family.

Pia x

My room

For once in a while, my room is tidy and sorted out, so I thought I’d share some photos of my room. I had the incredible luck to get the room with the largest windows (mainly because I’m the only one who doesn’t mind neighbours and other passerby’s to see literally everything), and after moving the horrible and tiny desk as well as the unsteady wardrobe and the folding chair to the garage and instead bought my own future, I really love my room here.


#aesthetic – I do feel clothes should be on display because they’re so much a part of oneself. It’s a bit hard to see on the picture, but I have fairy lights on the rail which makes my room 120% more cosy in the evenings. Also notice the lack of mirror/frame on the wall, so I hung a bag I got from Arlanda Airport because it was pretty.


We’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls as the landlord don’t like marks etc, so a few of my photos are just lying on the desk at the moment. Also, stress balls are life, get one or two.




Sometimes I feel like a shit film student as I currently only have one book about films (if you don’t count the Harry Potter: Page to Screen and Jess’ copy of Harry Potter: Film Wizardry that’s currently residing in my Harry Potter corner)(behind the blue fat book is also the Spanish version of the first one, La Piedra Filosofal), but to be honest, most of them don’t interest me. I’d rather read fiction (got my favourite books shipped in boxes from Sweden) or, as seen in the top photo; A Very Short Introductions. I highly recommend them as they give you a good general knowledge about basically everything. I’ve only read the one about international relations so far and started with human rights, but I find it hard to find time for reading that’s not related to my degree.



Look at those windows! Light! But also awkward eye contact with every postman that arrives at my door. (fun fact: my 150x75cm desk is attached to its legs with duct tape) I’ve been planning to get some plants/flowers for my windowsill, but I’m incredibly bad at keeping things alive, so I’m not sure yet.

As I said before, we’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls, which is a shame, because I feel that the corner where my bed is, is incredibly bare. There’s a screw on the wall, but I don’t have anything to hang there except for my Ravenclaw tie and plastic camera.  Also, more fairy lights hang between the screw and the curtain rail as well as around the shit mirror by my bed.

I’ve lived here for about 3,5 months and whilst there are another 8 months before we move out, I really, really love this room. I’d love to live here in my third year, but it’s quite expensive for the area. In some ways, I love this room (except the horrendous yellow walls) more than my room back in the Founders castle, as I’ve added more of my own touch to it. However, I do miss having a grand courtyard as my view from even larger windows, and also heating and unlimited hot water that I didn’t pay any extra for. (honestly, that’s so underappreciated – appreciate it before all of your money goes to bills)


Pia x

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets




Another addition to my Harry Potter collection, this time the newly released illustrated version of Chamber of Secrets. Like most Harry Potter books, it’s a bit pricey, £30, but the other week, Book Depository had a sale to celebrate their new website design, and it went down to £15! Like the first one, which I also have, it’s filled with rich and extremely detailed illustrations by Jim Kay, my favourite illustrations are the ones involving Diagon Alley and the character portraits, like this one of Professor Sprout.

What is so great about these illustrated versions are that they can take in the youngest generation. I read the first one when I was 6 years old, which was quite early compared to several of my friends, who had them read for them by their parents. When my cousin’s son turned 6, I tried to read the first one for him, but he soon grew tired because of the lack of illustrations. With these, I’m hoping that my future children (which is going to be far, far away in the future) will be able to be more tempted to read them at a young age. (also, I love just going through reading my favourite chapters before going to bed and now having them with illustrations is just amazing as it feels in some way, that I’m re-experiencing the magic for the first time)


Pia x

Weekend tunes


Happy weekend! The week felt so long as I had assignments for every day this week, but somehow it still went pretty quick. The weather has gone over to the part where it’s triple jumper weather in the morning, but t-shirt weather by noon, and it annoys me as I can’t plan my outfits.

I had a lie in today before getting up and having a fairly stable breakfast by lunchtime. I did adult stuff such as doing my laundry and tidied up my room a bit. Since then I’ve been basically non-stop reading most of my required reading for next week and had a little think about next week’s screenwriting class assignment. We’re supposed to “stalk” (my professor’s use of word, although he changed it to “watch”) a random person on the street and then make up a story about their lives and write it like a biography. As Egham isn’t the most exciting place and I’ve drawn a lot of ideas from people I’ve seen whilst riding the Stockholm underground, I might go to London for a day trip of people watching.

During my a bit too long breaks in between reading, I did a few quick doodles whilst listening to Petit Biscuit (what is that name even) – I highly recommend the songs Sunset Lover and Memories. Other good songs I’ve been listening to lately is The Weeknd’s new song Starboy, Natalie by Milk & Bone, and LUV by  Tory Lanez.

Somehow, I’ve slowly started to get into the study mode that second year requires of me and I’m actually really excited about all the projects we’re going this year. Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Pia x

Shott party



My house had a rather nice Shott party to celebrate us moving into our little house at no 73, and just generally back to uni. We’d bought 15 strings of fairy lights in pink, blue and yellow and colourful shot glasses, and our playlist had everything from Zara Larsson, The xx, trap music and k-pop. Only three people vomited and it was either in the bathrooms or outside, and my friend made out with my friend’s friend in my bedroom with everyone watching (like you used to do back when you were 13) so I feel it was pretty good. The weather is shit right now, with the rain pouring down every now and then. I hope  you all have a good weekend and hopefully sunnier.


Pia x

The first day of university


A year has gone by since I started university here in England. It took me two weeks to clear out most of my room back in Stockholm and pack up my life in two suitcases and a sports bag, and I had cried the night before I left when I was at the pub with my friends. I was nervous, of course, moving to a new country where you don’t know a single soul is daunting, but my excitement for getting away from Sweden and finally going off to study film production topped my nervosity.

I still remember the outfit I had picked for the move in day; my black long sleeved turtleneck I had bought for a fiver at the secondhand shop Emmaus, my black wide trousers from Zara and black low Dr. Martens (I heavily regret this – it was about 25 degrees and blazing sun that day). I wanted to show up in clothes that I knew I would wear for the rest of the year, and not some “very planned outfit you only wear on the first day” kind of outfit. I unpacked most of my stuff before walking down the corridor to see everyone else move in, and I went into the biggest room in the corridor and told the girl there to fuck off because she had such a large room.

It’s funny, because they always say that the people you meet the first day/week, are not going to be the people you spend the rest of your year, and definitely not the upcoming years. The girl I told to fuck off was Flora, the girl who I went to the welcome talk with and dinner that night, is one of my best friends now. And most of the people we had pre-drinks with that first week, are the people I call my closest friends now. My first day, week, month and year at uni couldn’t have gone any better.

Yesterday was the first day we officially became second years. Jess, the girl who lived next door to me in the corridor, who was at pre-drinks the first night, who now lives in the room next to me in our house, and a best friend, said she felt like an alcoholic as we bought three bottles of wine and a liter of vodka each (two bottles of wine and  half a bottle of vodka are already gone after the first night so we’re probably doing another Tesco trip tomorrow). We went to Flora’s house before going out the first time this year, with basically the same people as we had on that very first week a year ago. And whilst the night wasn’t the greatest, it’s fucking amazing to be back with my friends here again.

Pia x

The last of summer

Hi lovelies, it’s been a while. Almost all of my friends have moved back to our little town we call home, only Laura who’s left and she’s coming tomorrow evening. I’ve been busy with catching up with my friends, working, and passively aggressively dealt with dirty dishes and overfull bins that haven’t been emptied – all that’s a part of the student life. My housemates and I have also made an event for our housewarming party we’re having in two weeks.



I’ve bought a pair of speakers off Amazon as they were on sale (£33 instead of £89!) and one of the songs I’ve been listening to a lot is Zara Larsson’s new, Ain’t My Fault. Will definitely be this autumn’s hit, you know where you heard it first xxx. (also look how fucking hot Zara looks, wow, Swedes, remember that tiny girl who sang My Heart Will Go On? just WOW)

It’s been really hot these last couple of days, with yesterday being over 30 degrees (!!!). THIRTY degrees in September in England, that’s complete madness. Like, I do really like the heat and stuff, being from Sweden and all, but I do look forward to when it gets a bit more chilly and I can wear my black coat without being drenched in sweat.

I’m working tomorrow and Friday, which is a pain in the arse because I have to leave home at 07:50 to get to work on time. But Fresher’s Week start on Saturday and that’s basically going to be 2 weeks straight of partying and a maybe some lectures if my hungoverness can cope with that. (kidding, of course I’m going, I’m honestly so pumped for second year!) Plus, my IKEA order arrives tomorrow, so I’ll finally have a proper desk, a clothes rail (I’ve even bought a 90p screwdriver for this special occasion), hangers and some other stuff. The desk I have now looks like something from the 90s, (probably is) but the ugly kind, and I’m constantly worried that my (super ugly) wardrobe is going to fall down if I hang something in there as it’s not attached to the wall.

It’s not even 22:00 and I’m already looking forward to Friday at 15:20 when I get off from work. Even though I have work, I’m going to try and enjoy and do as much as possible these couple of days before uni work really hits me and I’m sitting in the library at 4am with an essay due at 9am. Hope you’re all having a great mid-September!

Pia x