Copenhagen pt. 2


Before I went to Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to visit Glyptoteket, an art museum that primarily focuses on sculptures but also has paintings from Danish and European artists. Entry is only 95DKK (aprox. £11) for adults and 50DKK (£6) for under 27s but if you go on a Tuesday (which I didn’t because I didn’t know about it) it’s free! When you first walk in, you’re met with this huge round room with a high ceiling (first picture) and plants and small waterfalls mixed with sculptures. Just that room is amazing enough to recommend everyone to go and visit it if you’re in Copenhagen or Malmö, the Swedish city just 35 minutes away across the bridge.

2018 is just around the corner which means that I go back to university in just little over a week – my final term (or, I see spring term and summer term as the same term because we don’t divide them here in Sweden) before I graduate. I’ve always been set on moving into proper city-London instead of my little suburb and try and find a job within film production or similar, but after visiting Copenhagen and seeing the success of Scandinavian films, I’ve been toying with the idea of maybe moving there. I will probably end up in London though, as the majority of my friends live in England (and most of them around the London area or max an hour away) and as barely any of my Swedish friends actually live in Stockholm anymore because of university. Also the fact that I don’t speak Danish but only understand most of it and I reckon most jobs require at least some written and spoken knowledge of the language.


& & & ! With the new year, I decided it was time to change the blog’s design – hopefully it’s slightly easier to navigate. Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it!

Pia x

Copenhagen pt. 1


T H E   B O T A N I C   G A R D E N

It seems that I only have time to write here about once a month which is quite sad as my ideal weekend would be spent in my cosy bed with tea, reading blogs and writing here. I’ve been so busy with two weeks of shooting films for a Shakespeare project, presentation, essay and of course, my 10 000 words of death; the dissertation. I’m on the final days now, with only 5 days until hand-in and I feel a mix of stress, relief, panic and complete exhaustion.

I’ve wanted to share some photos from when I was in Copenhagen in September, which funny enough, was a trip to do research for my dissertation – which slightly backfired as the only material they had at the Danish Film Institute were things I’d already looked at back at the Swedish Film Institute. Nevertheless, it was a good trip with a mix of hot sunshine and pissing down rain (which at that point, I was on a bicycle and trying to not get run over by the other cyclists).

Graduation is slowly coming closer (6 months and I’ll be done with my degree!) and I’m trying to both keep sorta on top of my uni work whilst applying for internships and jobs for the life beyond academia. I’m having mixed feelings about where I want to go; I’ve always said I wanted to move into proper London (and not the little commuter suburb I currently live in) but now with such great success in the Scandinavian film industry, I’m keen on trying to get a job there as well. (also, I do miss the food) Can I do both? Time-turner?


Pia x

p.s. my last name change has finally been approved from Svensson to Josephson, in honour of my late grandmother Harriet, born Josephson.

Summer term 2017

Snaps from second year’s summer term, 2017.

(it seems like drunk me = my finger blocks the photo) (took me ages to write that sentence without it sounding R-rated and it still is that, lowkey)