Hi 2018

2018 is here and I spent the first 8-and-a-bit days in Stockholm, just trying to enjoy the fresh air, being surrounded by water, my parents’ puppy and spending time with my friends before almost all of us headed back to university. The first week back was probably the most intense first week I’ve ever had after a break, with three days of filming, a film to edit (will show you guys later!) and the launching of the crowdfunding campaign for my graduate film, Going Miles, that I’m doing with a little group of great people. Please please help us fund this amazing film and share it! 

Despite everything that I have to do in the next five months, the stress that comes with it and the daunting feeling of graduation coming closer, I’m so excited for everything. I’ve bought John Green’s latest book Turtles All the Way Down which I’m going to start reading tonight, Hanya Yanagihara’s book A Little Life is on the way and I’m currently sat in my kitchen listening to the latest episode of One Way Ticket-podcast (på riktigt min favoritpodd – om att flytta och bo utomlands!) and eating 70% chocolate because I just got my period.

Yesterday I had a live marking feedback session for my latest film where I got surprisingly good feedback and it left me feeling extremely excited about filmmaking and I walked home thinking about a story that I’ve been wanting to write for a while, which I hope to start writing a bit on soon. Hope everyone’s having a great week!


Pia x

My 2017

I started the year at Mosebacke terrace with Maria, Gustaf and our other friends, looking out over Stockholm. Two days later I flew back to England with a wall calendar that featured different illustrated plants that I had bought from the bookshop I worked extra at.

In February I shot my film The Beach and we spent a whole day down in Seaford, a small town near Brighton and for a mid-February day, the weather was amazing.

March was filled with uni work and I started thinking about my dissertation as the sun came to Egham.

In April I went to see Gustaf and Maria in Berlin.

Less than a month later, I went to Barcelona with my friends from my course.

I turned 21 and celebrated it with a joint birthday party with Sonal and our closest friends.

The summer was mostly spent in Stockholm where I got my first real production assistant job for Astrid S’ music video Such A Boy, and in London I had a 2 week internship at a production company. I went to Platform 9 3/4 with Jess to experience Nineteen Year Later and then rushed through London to get a flight back to Popaganda music festival where I saw Phoenix.

I went to Copenhagen for a few days – my final vacation and relaxing time before I spent the next two months writing my dissertation alongside my other courses.

& then finally in November I was finished!

I’ve put more effort into uni work that I’ve ever done before, I’ve been to three countries, written a 10,000-word undergraduate dissertation and watched some amazing films (more about that in a separate post!). Despite the ups and down with uni work, I’ve had an incredible year – especially an amazing summer term when I barely had any classes or exams so it was spent with friends and a week-long trip to Barcelona. For 2018 I’m hoping to try and be less stressed, go for more walks (I literally have Great Windsor Park and Virginia Water around the corner from my house), try lots of new food and if I have time and money; try and go someplace new with friends.
(and try to cope with life after university)

Happy New Year!

Pia x

Copenhagen pt. 1


T H E   B O T A N I C   G A R D E N

It seems that I only have time to write here about once a month which is quite sad as my ideal weekend would be spent in my cosy bed with tea, reading blogs and writing here. I’ve been so busy with two weeks of shooting films for a Shakespeare project, presentation, essay and of course, my 10 000 words of death; the dissertation. I’m on the final days now, with only 5 days until hand-in and I feel a mix of stress, relief, panic and complete exhaustion.

I’ve wanted to share some photos from when I was in Copenhagen in September, which funny enough, was a trip to do research for my dissertation – which slightly backfired as the only material they had at the Danish Film Institute were things I’d already looked at back at the Swedish Film Institute. Nevertheless, it was a good trip with a mix of hot sunshine and pissing down rain (which at that point, I was on a bicycle and trying to not get run over by the other cyclists).

Graduation is slowly coming closer (6 months and I’ll be done with my degree!) and I’m trying to both keep sorta on top of my uni work whilst applying for internships and jobs for the life beyond academia. I’m having mixed feelings about where I want to go; I’ve always said I wanted to move into proper London (and not the little commuter suburb I currently live in) but now with such great success in the Scandinavian film industry, I’m keen on trying to get a job there as well. (also, I do miss the food) Can I do both? Time-turner?


Pia x

p.s. my last name change has finally been approved from Svensson to Josephson, in honour of my late grandmother Harriet, born Josephson.

A day in October

Hello there, quite a long time and no see. I’ve been meaning to write about Copenhagen, about nice food and other fun things, but I’ve been extremely busy. I’m doing around 8 hours per day (yes, every day, even weekends, and no, I have no idea how I cope with it) in the library as my dissertation is due in less than 5 weeks and on top of that, I have a 5 minute film to write and shoot, an essay and a presentation to do.

Today and yesterday was spent with Amelie who was over for a little London visit and I fell in love with a yellow puffer from Zara that I wore today. It’s so warm and feels almost like wearing a duvet which is perfect for me as I hate leaving my bed in the mornings. Yesterday was spent shopping (hello student finance!), having Bibimbap for lunch, a visit to the V&A and finishing off with an amazing pizza at Franco Manca in South Kensington.

This morning we had breakfast at No.11 Pimlico Road, Amelie had pancakes that she highly recommend and I had a rice bowl that could’ve been nicer. The egg yolk wasn’t runny (that chef really didn’t know how to poach an egg) and the tomatoes were a bit boring but the rice was amazing. Really pretty setting so I do recommend it! Then we walked by the Thames to Waterloo among the tourists who also enjoyed the cold but sunny weather before we said goodbye as Amelie had to go to the airport.

I have lots of nice things I want to write about, photos to show, but it may be on hold for a little bit until my dissertation (I swear I don’t even know enough words to fill out those 10 000) is handed in.


Pia x

An update

Hello everyone, I’ve neglected this space for the past months due to being, for once, quite busy. I wanted to see as many friends as possible when I was in Stockholm and simply didn’t time to sit down and write a blog post. I also went over to my parents’ summer house in Stockholm’s archipelago for a few days of sun, cliffs, food and reading those books I’ve been meaning to read.

When August started, I flew back to England to move into my new house, had the most stressful IKEA experience ever and then two days later, I started my internship at a production company in central London. For two weeks, I commuted 2×2 hours/day and mostly sat by a computer for all of those days. Which was an experience itself and after that I realise how hard the transition from university to real professional work is going to be.

I finished on Friday, went straight to celebrate my friend’s KJ’s 20th birthday before going home and finally being able to properly sleep without having to worry about anything. I did nothing yesterday except reading blogs, screen shopping for clothes I can’t afford and watched a film, which felt incredible. When I had my internship, I had to leave my house at 07:45 and didn’t get home until maybe 19:00-19:30 due to trains being extremely late, and by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything except have dinner and chat a bit with my housemate Emma before it was time for bed.

I’ve only been here for about 16 days, but I’m actually already going back to Stockholm in like 12 days to go to a music festival, Popaganda, visit the Swedish film institute to do research for my dissertation, see some friends at Lund’s university before going to Copenhagen and do more research at the Danish film institute. And when I get back again, uni is just around the corner and I’m back to full-time studying, this time for THIRD year. Quite daunting as it’s not only the fact that time has gone so fast, but that my dissertation is due at the end of November and I’m going to be completely done with a degree by June. Can I stay in education forever?

Pia x

Summer term 2017

Snaps from second year’s summer term, 2017.

(it seems like drunk me = my finger blocks the photo) (took me ages to write that sentence without it sounding R-rated and it still is that, lowkey)


It’s been a bit quiet here lately. Since the last proper post, I’ve been to Barcelona, had my 21st birthday with bbq celebrations, Summer Ball, a bit of uni work, and of course, gone back to Stockholm. As usual when I go back, I pretend that I’m rich and go off and buy things in shops that I can’t find back in England, like these sunglasses from Designtorget Stockholm and a bra from Monki. (can be found in London but I feel it has less stuff though, and no student discount)

I’ve been seeing some friends, going to two graduation parties, but I’ve actually spent most of the last week indoors. I’ve had this little hole in my heel that’s been a previous blister, and it’s been trying to heal and I can’t wear plasters or socks as it kinda rips open and that kinda sucks. So I’ve been reading and finished one book so far (The Girls by Emma Cline) and halfway through another.

I did a short 2 day runner job last week for Astrid S’ new music video which, even though I was sweating as fuck as it was 27 degrees outside and I ran errands, was really fun and a good experience. I have a similar job for my internship in August but I’m hoping it’s gona be a bit cooler and I won’t have a heel that hurts every time I walk. I’ve been lucky to get an internship in Soho, so I’ll be going back to England in the beginning of August to move into my new house with my new housemates (!!!) and hopefully some better weather than the one here in Stockholm. (rain, 12-18 degrees, no joke) Until then, I have a dissertation to research for and Swedish food and people to enjoy.

Pia x


I turned 21 on the last day in May and had a joint birthday bbq with my friend Sonal with our closest friends before getting drunk at the Student’s Union and then passing out in my bed. 5 out of 5 toasters.