Hi 2018

2018 is here and I spent the first 8-and-a-bit days in Stockholm, just trying to enjoy the fresh air, being surrounded by water, my parents’ puppy and spending time with my friends before almost all of us headed back to university. The first week back was probably the most intense first week I’ve ever had after a break, with three days of filming, a film to edit (will show you guys later!) and the launching of the crowdfunding campaign for my graduate film, Going Miles, that I’m doing with a little group of great people. Please please help us fund this amazing film and share it! 

Despite everything that I have to do in the next five months, the stress that comes with it and the daunting feeling of graduation coming closer, I’m so excited for everything. I’ve bought John Green’s latest book Turtles All the Way Down which I’m going to start reading tonight, Hanya Yanagihara’s book A Little Life is on the way and I’m currently sat in my kitchen listening to the latest episode of One Way Ticket-podcast (på riktigt min favoritpodd – om att flytta och bo utomlands!) and eating 70% chocolate because I just got my period.

Yesterday I had a live marking feedback session for my latest film where I got surprisingly good feedback and it left me feeling extremely excited about filmmaking and I walked home thinking about a story that I’ve been wanting to write for a while, which I hope to start writing a bit on soon. Hope everyone’s having a great week!


Pia x

The Beach (2017)

On their first anniversary, a young couple travels to the beach.

Starring: Ellie Panton and Luana Picard-Boni
Written & directed by: Pia Svensson
DOP: Michael Guan
Sound design and orginal score by: Omar Chamsi-Pasha
Crew: Molly Stapleton, Hollie Hurrell, Pavel Šmídmajer and Martha O’Brien.

Many thanks to:
Sussex Film Office
Seaford Town Council

A Day at the Beach

After weeks of planning, we finally went to the beach on Saturday to shoot the short film I wrote for my directing class. It was an incredibly sunny and warm mid-February day (which for filmmaking isn’t that great, but we did our best to work around it) and we had rented a 9 seat minibus for our cast and crew.

We went down to Seaford, a small town near Brighton.

Sitting on the bus, we all let out a shriek when we saw the sea.

Hollie, Molly and I decided to go and test the water – it was probably freezing cold but my feet died from the pebbles so I wouldn’t have noticed.

My little cast & crew.

I still can’t believe that we pulled it off. As my teacher read my script, he asked if I was actually planning to go to the beach and laughed a bit when I said I’d try, and then we actually did it. The best part of it was the feeling of going on a short day trip/holiday but at the same time, making a film. & I’m starting to understand how filmmaking is essentially like getting a very large family.

Pia x


Honestly, I feel like I can do anything with this top.  & today I’ve so far sent 6 emails to 9 different people, had a script tutorial about my film I’m shooting next week, filled in forms, and had a cup of tea with two egg, spinach and spring onion toasts – in three hours! (on the topic of food; I’d like to take this opportunity to push for the lunch I had yesterday; fried potatoes with breadcrumbs, spinach with butter, a fried egg, spring onions and sesame seeds – cheap, healthy and so good)

I’m in a bit of busy period at the moment, with four film shoots over the next 2 weeks, two essays, a presentation, several 500-1000 words hand-ins in my Economic History course and Democracy course (aka a lot of reading and self-studying), and then I have a practical editing exam just before the Easter holidays. I’m almost half way through spring term and it’s scary how quickly everything goes. (my suitcase is still in my room rather than in the garage) But I’m really excited about the upcoming weeks, even if it’s stressful. Oh and also, I got onto the university’s placement scheme so I’ll most likely get a short internship this summer!

It’s been starting to get cold again. Last week we had fair bit of sun and 12 degrees, but just half an hour ago, I saw it was snowing lightly. Not enough to stay on the ground, but still. Sitting in my cold house, freezing my fingers off as I type this, it’s hard to imagine summer and proper warmth. Hopefully Berlin in the end of April will be warm.


Pia x


… from a film I did that I’m not happy with but it was good practice and my teacher called me a “sensitive director with potential to go far” before saying my story was too big and not that great, but oh well, I had fun making it.


We’re currently working on our 5-minute short films and this time, I do have a stronger and better story (hopefully) this time and will be working with a larger crew, two wonderful actors and we’re hopefully going to a beach in southern England to film. When I first came to uni (and even before during my application process), I thought I knew what kind of films I wanted to make, aka Sofia Coppola meets like Lukas Moodysson and Skins UK, but now I’m not that sure anymore. & that’s what I love about studying film at university; that it’s alright not to have found one’s style yet. I see people on my course who knows exactly what kind of films they want to do (which is seen in the films they make) but also people who have no clue and who jumps between genres and styles for every project. I feel that I’m somewhere in the middle – not entirely all over the place and trying everything (as I do know I want to go towards drama), but still not by the point where I know what kind of aesthetics and feel I want to create.


I’ve been having a full on study week recently with about 8-12h of studying each day (no joke) as my dumb me decided to study 175% (my film degree, a course in global economic history and another course on democracy, human rights and sustainability). So tomorrow I’m taking the day off from studying to go to London and eat some Semlor (a type of Swedish sweet roll with cardamon, almond paste and whipped cream – go get it! All Swedish/Scandinavian bakeries/cafés should have them now), visit some galleries and just in general chill. & then it’s back to studying on Sunday – have a  great weekend!

Pia x

(p.s. yesterday I bought tickets to go and see Maria and Gustaf in Berlin in April!)


I flew back to Stockholm the other day with close to no money and it honestly hurt having to pay £50 for a public transport pass. I’m working at the same bookshop as I did last year, which is pretty fun as I literally just stand by the till and then wrap books.

Above is a screenshot of my directing project I shot this Saturday (wrapped up filming about 18 hours before I went to the airport to go to Stockholm), and I do feel I’m quite happy about the shots. I had a lot of fun shooting it, as well as preparing the set and making props, and hopefully I won’t mess it up too much with the editing.

Otherwise, I’ve been having a lot of uni work recently and I don’t even have time to rest now as I have two essays, one script, one film to edit and an exam to study for over these upcoming weeks. Plus work almost every day until Christmas, and have time to see my friends before I fly back on the 3rd of January.

Being back here in snowy Stockholm, I realise how much I’ve missed it. Like even the smallest of things, such as soft water (as London has hard water, aka, not as nice to drink and it makes your hair less soft) and proper taps (honestly England, what’s up with yours hot and cold separate things) and door handles that aren’t down by my knees. (lol kidding, but honestly, why are they so low down). But obviously I’ve missed my friends so much. Like sometimes it does really hurt being away from them, and seeing them doing all the fun things without you, and just generally seeing life go on here in Stockholm. & just the thought of how life is going to be that way now, how people just, get new lives, and that’s okay.

Also, I’ve been completely blown away by Skam (could anyone have missed this hit Norwegian show? even my friends at uni knows about Skam!) and I’m forever in love with Noora, William and Even. <3 My friend Jess suggested that I should try and get an internship at NRK and work with Skam as I’m looking for one anyway (HIT ME UP PLS, either London, Stockholm, or Oslo/Copenhagen I guess as I understand the languages) so if anyone knows how?

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Pia x

Montage exercise

Hi everyone, I’ve been having a few busy weeks lately and will be busy until term ends and even beyond that, I’m actually filming the day after. I’d just like to a share a bit of what I’m actually doing at university; a montage exercise for my directing class. Many thanks to my crew and Aria for acting.

Pia x

Last week of October


Hi there! Reading week is here (or the autumn holiday’s if you’re in Sweden!) and I have a bit more reading week than last year. Last year, it was like any other week for me, but this year I only have one class, directing on Thursday. So I’m currently enjoying my straight 5 days off!




Last Thursday + Friday, we shot some montages for our directing class, and as you can see, Jake killed Poppy in the bathtub and Christmas came early to Hollie’s house.


(cock valve) Jess and I were alone in the house over the weekend, so she bought a little pumpkin and we made a Harry Potter. (cock valve)

I’m currently shivering in my room as we yet have to figure out how the heating works (is this what true student life is), but at least I have a winter duvet, fuzzy socks and lots of jumpers to keep me warm. I hope you all have a great end of October and happy Halloween! (such a capitalist and materialistic thing though, to be honest)


Pia x