Hi 2018

2018 is here and I spent the first 8-and-a-bit days in Stockholm, just trying to enjoy the fresh air, being surrounded by water, my parents’ puppy and spending time with my friends before almost all of us headed back to university. The first week back was probably the most intense first week I’ve ever had after a break, with three days of filming, a film to edit (will show you guys later!) and the launching of the crowdfunding campaign for my graduate film, Going Miles, that I’m doing with a little group of great people. Please please help us fund this amazing film and share it! 

Despite everything that I have to do in the next five months, the stress that comes with it and the daunting feeling of graduation coming closer, I’m so excited for everything. I’ve bought John Green’s latest book Turtles All the Way Down which I’m going to start reading tonight, Hanya Yanagihara’s book A Little Life is on the way and I’m currently sat in my kitchen listening to the latest episode of One Way Ticket-podcast (på riktigt min favoritpodd – om att flytta och bo utomlands!) and eating 70% chocolate because I just got my period.

Yesterday I had a live marking feedback session for my latest film where I got surprisingly good feedback and it left me feeling extremely excited about filmmaking and I walked home thinking about a story that I’ve been wanting to write for a while, which I hope to start writing a bit on soon. Hope everyone’s having a great week!


Pia x