My 2017

I started the year at Mosebacke terrace with Maria, Gustaf and our other friends, looking out over Stockholm. Two days later I flew back to England with a wall calendar that featured different illustrated plants that I had bought from the bookshop I worked extra at.

In February I shot my film The Beach and we spent a whole day down in Seaford, a small town near Brighton and for a mid-February day, the weather was amazing.

March was filled with uni work and I started thinking about my dissertation as the sun came to Egham.

In April I went to see Gustaf and Maria in Berlin.

Less than a month later, I went to Barcelona with my friends from my course.

I turned 21 and celebrated it with a joint birthday party with Sonal and our closest friends.

The summer was mostly spent in Stockholm where I got my first real production assistant job for Astrid S’ music video Such A Boy, and in London I had a 2 week internship at a production company. I went to Platform 9 3/4 with Jess to experience Nineteen Year Later and then rushed through London to get a flight back to Popaganda music festival where I saw Phoenix.

I went to Copenhagen for a few days – my final vacation and relaxing time before I spent the next two months writing my dissertation alongside my other courses.

& then finally in November I was finished!

I’ve put more effort into uni work that I’ve ever done before, I’ve been to three countries, written a 10,000-word undergraduate dissertation and watched some amazing films (more about that in a separate post!). Despite the ups and down with uni work, I’ve had an incredible year – especially an amazing summer term when I barely had any classes or exams so it was spent with friends and a week-long trip to Barcelona. For 2018 I’m hoping to try and be less stressed, go for more walks (I literally have Great Windsor Park and Virginia Water around the corner from my house), try lots of new food and if I have time and money; try and go someplace new with friends.
(and try to cope with life after university)

Happy New Year!

Pia x