December and Christmas

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Hello all, or, ‘halla’, as they say in Norway. (honestly, who could’ve missed the success of Skam) I’ve been in Stockholm for about two and a half weeks but leaving to go back to Egham in six days. I spent the first two weeks working in a bookshop whilst trying to see some friends and studying, but the days have been long and as soon as I gotten home, I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve either taken a nap or a bath. I did have time to paint some Christmas cards that I sent out to my uni friends, and here are some.

My Christmas was rather calm, I got grown up gifts such as toothbrushes, different types of body cremes and clothes. For the past couple of years, I’ve been feeling less Christmassy and I think it’s because I’m at that age where celebrations with the family seem rather dull, and I’m just in between that and hopefully whatever future family I’ll have later. Christmas used to be magical and you counted down the days, now it’s just another day but with more food to cook and more stress.

I’m currently dying from all the work I have due after the holidays; five assignments to hand in plus my take home law exam. But after the 16th of January, the last thing, the film I shot just before I went to Stockholm, will be handed in and I’m planning to go and sleep straight after that.

Being in Stockholm does make me miss the life here, with my friends, the food and the water around the islands here. But I’ve also realised how great university is and how fun it actually is; constantly meeting new people and learning new things. Because really, Stockholm will be here waiting for me until I come back.

Pia x

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