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I flew back to Stockholm the other day with close to no money and it honestly hurt having to pay £50 for a public transport pass. I’m working at the same bookshop as I did last year, which is pretty fun as I literally just stand by the till and then wrap books.

Above is a screenshot of my directing project I shot this Saturday (wrapped up filming about 18 hours before I went to the airport to go to Stockholm), and I do feel I’m quite happy about the shots. I had a lot of fun shooting it, as well as preparing the set and making props, and hopefully I won’t mess it up too much with the editing.

Otherwise, I’ve been having a lot of uni work recently and I don’t even have time to rest now as I have two essays, one script, one film to edit and an exam to study for over these upcoming weeks. Plus work almost every day until Christmas, and have time to see my friends before I fly back on the 3rd of January.

Being back here in snowy Stockholm, I realise how much I’ve missed it. Like even the smallest of things, such as soft water (as London has hard water, aka, not as nice to drink and it makes your hair less soft) and proper taps (honestly England, what’s up with yours hot and cold separate things) and door handles that aren’t down by my knees. (lol kidding, but honestly, why are they so low down). But obviously I’ve missed my friends so much. Like sometimes it does really hurt being away from them, and seeing them doing all the fun things without you, and just generally seeing life go on here in Stockholm. & just the thought of how life is going to be that way now, how people just, get new lives, and that’s okay.

Also, I’ve been completely blown away by Skam (could anyone have missed this hit Norwegian show? even my friends at uni knows about Skam!) and I’m forever in love with Noora, William and Even. <3 My friend Jess suggested that I should try and get an internship at NRK and work with Skam as I’m looking for one anyway (HIT ME UP PLS, either London, Stockholm, or Oslo/Copenhagen I guess as I understand the languages) so if anyone knows how?

Hope you all have a lovely week,

Pia x

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