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I’m currently in my second year of the Film, Television & Digital Production programme at Royal Holloway, University of London. As part of this programme, we choose two practical courses to specialise in and then continue with one of them in our third year. For this year, I chose Directing Screen Fiction and Screenwriting, and will probably continue with the first one next year. It’s a lot of work to do for both courses and even more as I also do two theory courses (Women’s Cinema and Moderna European Cinema), but on top of that, I also study another 50%.


Say hi to Introduction to Law. It’s a course worth 15 ECTS credits (same system Sweden uses, but worth 30 credits here in the UK) I’m studying online through Umeå University. It’s essentially the same as any university course; I have to buy textbooks, the expectations and level are the same, but it’s all done online. There are pre-recorded lectures for every topic and every now and then I have group assignments which I do through Skype. (my group consists of people living in Sweden, Denmark, Taiwan, and then me in England) What’s so good with it that I can plan when to listen to the lectures and of course, I can do it alongside my film degree.

I’ve never been particularly interested in law, but when my friend Anna recommended it after doing it as an evening course at Stockholm University (and now she’s doing a law degree at Lund University!), I decided to go for it. It differs a lot from what I’m studying and what I’ve studied earlier at upper secondary level, as it’s another way of studying. Rather than to learn about political theories, history, culture and analyse it, it’s mainly about solving problems.

Since I started with the course, I feel it’s a good base of general knowledge to have, as a lot of the problems we deal with are common once that you’re likely to face in real life, as divorce, home ownership, etc. It is a lot of extra work to take on, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t have a part-time job. It’s definitely not for everyone to study extra, but if you feel that you have time and the determination to do it, I do recommend it. I’ve applied for a couple of other small courses for the spring term and I’ll see how this goes and if I decide to go for it.


I’d love to hear what all of you are studying/working with/doing, and why you do it, so please, tell me in the comment section!

Pia x

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    November 6, 2016

    wow this is so interesting

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