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For once in a while, my room is tidy and sorted out, so I thought I’d share some photos of my room. I had the incredible luck to get the room with the largest windows (mainly because I’m the only one who doesn’t mind neighbours and other passerby’s to see literally everything), and after moving the horrible and tiny desk as well as the unsteady wardrobe and the folding chair to the garage and instead bought my own future, I really love my room here.


#aesthetic – I do feel clothes should be on display because they’re so much a part of oneself. It’s a bit hard to see on the picture, but I have fairy lights on the rail which makes my room 120% more cosy in the evenings. Also notice the lack of mirror/frame on the wall, so I hung a bag I got from Arlanda Airport because it was pretty.


We’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls as the landlord don’t like marks etc, so a few of my photos are just lying on the desk at the moment. Also, stress balls are life, get one or two.




Sometimes I feel like a shit film student as I currently only have one book about films (if you don’t count the Harry Potter: Page to Screen and Jess’ copy of Harry Potter: Film Wizardry that’s currently residing in my Harry Potter corner)(behind the blue fat book is also the Spanish version of the first one, La Piedra Filosofal), but to be honest, most of them don’t interest me. I’d rather read fiction (got my favourite books shipped in boxes from Sweden) or, as seen in the top photo; A Very Short Introductions. I highly recommend them as they give you a good general knowledge about basically everything. I’ve only read the one about international relations so far and started with human rights, but I find it hard to find time for reading that’s not related to my degree.



Look at those windows! Light! But also awkward eye contact with every postman that arrives at my door. (fun fact: my 150x75cm desk is attached to its legs with duct tape) I’ve been planning to get some plants/flowers for my windowsill, but I’m incredibly bad at keeping things alive, so I’m not sure yet.

As I said before, we’re not allowed to put up anything on the walls, which is a shame, because I feel that the corner where my bed is, is incredibly bare. There’s a screw on the wall, but I don’t have anything to hang there except for my Ravenclaw tie and plastic camera.  Also, more fairy lights hang between the screw and the curtain rail as well as around the shit mirror by my bed.

I’ve lived here for about 3,5 months and whilst there are another 8 months before we move out, I really, really love this room. I’d love to live here in my third year, but it’s quite expensive for the area. In some ways, I love this room (except the horrendous yellow walls) more than my room back in the Founders castle, as I’ve added more of my own touch to it. However, I do miss having a grand courtyard as my view from even larger windows, and also heating and unlimited hot water that I didn’t pay any extra for. (honestly, that’s so underappreciated – appreciate it before all of your money goes to bills)


Pia x

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