Last week of October

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Hi there! Reading week is here (or the autumn holiday’s if you’re in Sweden!) and I have a bit more reading week than last year. Last year, it was like any other week for me, but this year I only have one class, directing on Thursday. So I’m currently enjoying my straight 5 days off!




Last Thursday + Friday, we shot some montages for our directing class, and as you can see, Jake killed Poppy in the bathtub and Christmas came early to Hollie’s house.


(cock valve) Jess and I were alone in the house over the weekend, so she bought a little pumpkin and we made a Harry Potter. (cock valve)

I’m currently shivering in my room as we yet have to figure out how the heating works (is this what true student life is), but at least I have a winter duvet, fuzzy socks and lots of jumpers to keep me warm. I hope you all have a great end of October and happy Halloween! (such a capitalist and materialistic thing though, to be honest)


Pia x

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