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supartyfrom friday night when the student union’s club released paper butterflies

How are you feeling today?
Stressed, tired, and excited for the week to come.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Stayed under the duvet for a good 45 minutes before having an egg and veggie sausage toast.

Did you accomplish anything today?
A lot of school work got out of the way, at last. Emailed my landlord, took a lot of nice selfies. (honestly, <3selfies<3)

What do you wish you’d done today?
Drinking more water, tidied up my room and maybe gone up a bit earlier as I’m quite behind on school work.

What did you listen to today?
An old playlist with lots of The Royal Concept, Vampire Weekend and some Belle & Sebastian.

How was the weather today?
Sunny but extremely cold. (hey, at least it wasn’t raining!)

What song is on at this very moment?
‘All Of The Stars’ by Ed Sheeran, the song is better than the entire film. (I cried when I saw it the first and only time, though)

What was the best thing you did this week?
Filming for directing class. Honestly, I love every second of it. (or at least most of them) & maybe dancing to Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ because I haven’t heard that song in ages.

What are you doing this upcoming week?
Being buried  underneath all my school work. And filming again. Hopefully cooking something nice and watching a good film.

Something that you hope is going to happen this week?
Not die from all the school work? 🙂

What book is currently read-in-progress?
Prisoners of Geography (which I’ve been reading for the past two months as I barely have time to read) and This Modern Love.

If you had time, what film would you watch before going to bed?
Boyhood, it’s on UK Netflix now <3

Describe the perfect Sunday:
Waking up refreshed at 09:30, lie in bed until 10, eat eggs and avocado toasts with a cup of Earl Gray. Go with friends for a long bike ride, a museum or somewhere you can have a picnic if the weather’s nice. Take a hot bubble bath, have another cup of tea with a film/tv-series/book. Cook and eat something incredible. Go to bed at a decent hour. (aka the Sunday that has yet to happen)


I hope you all had a good week!

Pia x

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