Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Another addition to my Harry Potter collection, this time the newly released illustrated version of Chamber of Secrets. Like most Harry Potter books, it’s a bit pricey, £30, but the other week, Book Depository had a sale to celebrate their new website design, and it went down to £15! Like the first one, which I also have, it’s filled with rich and extremely detailed illustrations by Jim Kay, my favourite illustrations are the ones involving Diagon Alley and the character portraits, like this one of Professor Sprout.

What is so great about these illustrated versions are that they can take in the youngest generation. I read the first one when I was 6 years old, which was quite early compared to several of my friends, who had them read for them by their parents. When my cousin’s son turned 6, I tried to read the first one for him, but he soon grew tired because of the lack of illustrations. With these, I’m hoping that my future children (which is going to be far, far away in the future) will be able to be more tempted to read them at a young age. (also, I love just going through reading my favourite chapters before going to bed and now having them with illustrations is just amazing as it feels in some way, that I’m re-experiencing the magic for the first time)


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