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Happy weekend! The week felt so long as I had assignments for every day this week, but somehow it still went pretty quick. The weather has gone over to the part where it’s triple jumper weather in the morning, but t-shirt weather by noon, and it annoys me as I can’t plan my outfits.

I had a lie in today before getting up and having a fairly stable breakfast by lunchtime. I did adult stuff such as doing my laundry and tidied up my room a bit. Since then I’ve been basically non-stop reading most of my required reading for next week and had a little think about next week’s screenwriting class assignment. We’re supposed to “stalk” (my professor’s use of word, although he changed it to “watch”) a random person on the street and then make up a story about their lives and write it like a biography. As Egham isn’t the most exciting place and I’ve drawn a lot of ideas from people I’ve seen whilst riding the Stockholm underground, I might go to London for a day trip of people watching.

During my a bit too long breaks in between reading, I did a few quick doodles whilst listening to Petit Biscuit (what is that name even) – I highly recommend the songs Sunset Lover and Memories. Other good songs I’ve been listening to lately is The Weeknd’s new song Starboy, Natalie by Milk & Bone, and LUV by  Tory Lanez.

Somehow, I’ve slowly started to get into the study mode that second year requires of me and I’m actually really excited about all the projects we’re going this year. Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Pia x

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