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Hello lovelies, it’s been few couple of days. Second year has started and it feels like I’m already behind. Everyone’s been slightly stressed over the amount of reading we have to do, so today a bunch of us went to London to get some things for our house party on Friday and just generally having a day trip away from Egham. We bought more fairy lights than we could carry because they were ridiculously cheap (£1.50!), that we’re going to hang up in the back yard and hopefully people will actually be able to see each other’s faces after the sun’s set.


As most of us only had breakfast before leaving, we went onto a small street off Tottenham Court Road, and into the pan-Asian restaurant East Street.  With lots of signs and anime being projected onto the brick wall, the service was great and you got a really good meal for around a tenner. Highly recommend!



After feeling full and happy, we went into one of my favourite stores, & other stories. They had a sink where you could try out their different hand and body wash, which all smelt divine and I wanted to buy them all. I love how light, crisp and simple the store is, and obviously the clothes are so incredibly nice. I didn’t buy anything but instead bought another turtle neck and a t-shirt from Monki where I saw my friends and ex-college classmates on the wall, all cool in Monki clothing.

The sun had almost set when we left Monki and we took the tube to Waterloo and back to Egham, where tea and the Great British Bake Off was waiting. It’s just past 23:00 now and I’m having my first directing class tomorrow at 10, which I’m both nervous and excited about. Fingers crossed that I’m not going to fuck up!


Pia x

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