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Hello babes, I’ve finally finished the full-time working at the café I work at, and I’m currently enjoying day 2 out of 5 (!five!) days off! I celebrated it on the Friday by having Mollie over for dinner and then Emma showed up after work and they both stayed here for a while. After having a proper lie-in yesterday, I woke up to the weather being absolutely tremendous and the house being colder than a Swedish summer house. It just poured down for most of the day, and I just shut my blinds and watched Netflix in bed with my extra thick and soft socks.

Today I went up a bit earlier because Thea is coming back from Romania – byebye loneliness! She and KJ (one of my housemates) are proper neat people (they shared a room back in the Founders’ corridor and every time you walked in, it was completely spotless), so I’ve spent the day cleaning up all my mess and hopefully they’ll approve. My other housemates Becca and Jess are moving in tomorrow and on Wednesday respectively, so it’s goodbye to me being able to walk around naked whenever and wherever in the house, or playing loud 80s disco music at 2am. But it’s going to be good to have everyone back (my other friends from the corridor, who live in another house, are coming back during the weekend/just after the weekend), it’s been quite lonely here with only my work to keep me occupied.

The summer has gone so incredibly fast, something I didn’t believe it would when I flew back to Stockholm, crying because I didn’t know if I could do it. University is such an incredible experience, and I understand now when people say that the people you meet at university, are the ones that will be with you the longest. However, I do believe – or at least hope! – that my incredible friends I met at upper secondary school will be with me too. It’s weird that for the past year, I’ve only met them a handful of times, but every time we see each other, it’s like no time has passed at all. It’s incredible how we can message, phone and video call people from across the world with just a click, it really does make distance feel less sad.

I’ve been telling myself to get to Tesco for the past hour before they close to pick up some veg for tonight’s dinner with Thea and KJ, so I better go now! Hope you all are having a great September weekend!

Pia x

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