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When I started writing on BrevFrånPia.com, I told myself this was going to be the final blog, because that would be the blog I would stick around with. After being on the same blog, called Flying Lions (because why not), for four years, from when I was 15 to 19, I craved something new. Something that wasn’t the constant hormonal teenage rollercoaster, but something that could take me into real adult life. I had decided to start writing seriously, no more trying-to-be-aesthetic lowercase writing, cryptic messages about crying about boys, but to be honest with myself in my writing. Because writing is something I want to do, something that I’ve done since I first learned how to write, even if I have been having trouble with sharing it.

But as my life has slowly started to be more here in England, rather than in Sweden, this is where I feel the most comfortable, where I have my home. It felt natural to start writing in English. So here’s to a new home, with new letters to write. I hope my old and quite loyal readers, some who have even been with me since I was 15, will stay, and I welcome everyone who just stumbled in.

Pia x

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